Best iOS games 2020 – Solution to Your Quarantine Boredom

Are you also bored with just using your iPhone for Facetime, iMessage, and social media and want to have something more exciting and fun to pass your time? Well, you can always count on gaming to keep you happy!

You must have seen your friends with Android phones enjoying lots of different games but you can’t seem to find them on iTunes. That’s because not all Android apps are compatible with iOS and vice-versa. However, that does not mean that you are out of luck. There are many great games that you can download for free or buy at cheap rates for your iOS. However, make sure you have a good internet connection first such as that from AT&T internet service for a lag-free gaming experience.

Android vs iOS games

Which is better – Android or iOS has been a debate that has been going on for years, and will probably continue to be a debate for many more years to come. Developers today mostly use multi-platform engines to develop cross-platform games that can be easily used by iOS and Android users. Sometimes more features are added to the Android app or iOS app that makes the difference in prices and revenues, though a lot of developers believe that iOS can provide better revenues.

But do games really need to be cross-platform? Though most games are now for both users, it is still widely believed in the developer world that focusing time and energy into one of them can sometimes make all the difference in product quality.

The choice to make either an Android game or an iOS also depends on the market share, Android has a huge market share, making it easier to access its test users. Especially in Asian countries, Android is mostly preferred. When it comes to iOS, low accessibility to its users makes it harder to monitor the performance of games. However, if your game requires cutting-edge technology and you want crisp graphs design, then iOS is a better option because Android is better for games with low requirements.

So, here are our top picks of iOS games you can play this quarantine:

Best games for iOS


One of Blizzard’s finest inventions is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android. This free game has a huge fan following and a whole community online. This is one of those games that is easy to learn but hard to master. It can keep you hooked for hours. So, if you are into something on the lines of Pokémon cards but want the atmosphere of the WarCraft universe, you definitely need to have this masterpiece.

It is not a very heavy game and can easily run on your iPhone, iPad, or even MacBook. You might think that since it’s a card game there won’t be much creativity or action involved, well here’s where you are wrong. There are weekly Tavern brawls, there are battlegrounds, and every now and then, different play modes are added that offer a new kind of adventure. Plus, the updates and game patches keep things fresh always. Once hooked, you won’t be able to leave.


Craving social interactions? These characters will give you all the attention you need. Anime fans might especially feel attracted to this app because of the character designs. These characters will text you, email, call you and you’ll have a social life with them. It is a multilayered story with many endings and branches. Even after the game is over, you’ll still find yourself thinking about these characters because of the interactive experience you have with them.


If you want something to keep you busy for hours, then this should be your pick! It is probably the biggest game you can have on your phone. There is a lot of in-game content to keep you busy. You can build your own empire. It gives you a very smooth experience with the touch screen. The best part is you can try the free trial first to see if it wins your heart. But we are pretty sure you’ll end up buying it.


Skyrim isn’t available on the phone yet, but we still have Elder Scrolls Blade to fill the gap. You can not only customize your character but your own city as well. There are remarkable enemies to defeat, dungeons, free form exploration, and basically everything you’d expect from the Elder Scrolls series of games.


Are you the first-person shooter type? Gods of Boom is a 3D first-person shooter game specially designed for your iOS. Continuous updates keep the game fresh. Recently it got an update that recreated the world of Walking Dead. You can even customize your character the way you want. To buff up your experience if you have an Apple TV you can use your iPhone to sync with it. The best part is you can use one less remote by programming your DirectTV remote with your Apple TV (2nd Gen), while you game flawlessly.


If you don’t want something too consuming, and you are in for a sweet game that you can sit back, relax, and play for hours, then this is for you. Based on the concept of the famous Harvest Moon games, this game lets you have a farm and now it’s up to you to take care of it. You can mix in different ingredients, take care of live-stock, grow crops, and even go to the nearby town to interact with characters and even get married.


Alto is a Lama herder and slides down the mountain terrains using his snowboard. You have to be careful not to crash or you might lose points and you can even fly in the Zen mode. In his adventure, you can unlock so many different characters, which makes it exciting to load the game every time. This is a very simple game and also features relaxing music making it best for relieving stress, especially when everything around is so stressful due to COVID 19.


This lets you be a king but in the Tinder-style. This app will make you a king and then force you to make decisions for the kingdom by swiping left or right, but here is the twist. In most of the cases, it results in the king dying in many different interesting ways you probably never thought of. The king has been cursed and will keep on dying and reincarnation until you find a solution to lift the curse. While you find a solution, you would still have the role of the King and you have to manage your people, military, and take the right decisions for the kingdom.


Do you enjoy puzzle RPGs? Then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. In this game, you are a barbarian character who needs to make his way by slashing monsters. You can do that by putting the same colored monsters in one line and then slashing them; it is a lot like Candy Crush but more adventurous. The game can open up more possibilities of combos when you slash 10 or more in line; it creates rainbow gems that can connect to any color. You can also collect items and equipment that can protect you or boost your attack.

10 – DRAW IT

This game, like its name suggests, is something very simple but engaging so you can spend hours without getting bored. In this game, you are given a word and then you have to try to draw it, you have to do it within the time limit so you can win coins and unlock more word packs. So, bring out the artist in you and download the game today!

Happy Gaming!

Gaming is subjective to a person’s interest; any game can be best for you if you enjoy playing it so much that you lose track of time. Keep exploring your favorite ones; as long as you are having fun that is what truly matters.

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