Must Have Marketing Apps in 2020

The year of 2020 has dramatically shifted marketing into a primarily digital space. With the recent changes that the marketing world has experienced, it is increasingly important to stay on top of upcoming trends. One of the best and under utilized marketing tools are digital apps! Whether it’s organizing payroll or sending out a last minute email blast, a professional mobile app development company can help transform your business. The benefit of having them on your phone or mobile device, the great user interface, and the added value that they contribute to your business are all great reasons to start investing. In this article, we’re sharing the best marketing apps of 2020 so that you and your business can best thrive in the digital workspace.


One of the most best marketing apps of 2020 is Expensify. Expensify is a finance and accounting app that allows you to track your receipts, pay your bills and account for your expenses. Not to mention the added convenience of being able to keep track of this from your phone. Expensify is one of the most popular new marketing and business apps. By syncing to your Xero or Quickbooks account, Expensify is able to quickly and efficiently produce expense reports and assist with tracking. This seamless integration can save you hours of accounting work and allow you to focus on the best parts of your business.

Notable features 

Expensify has several notable features that make it one of the most sought after marketing apps of 2020. For starters, Expensify is compatible with nearly every major travel app so that you can automatically import your expenses to your Expensify app. This includes both Uber and Lyft. This feature allows you to skip the manual entry of expenses, and instead have your expenses automatically sync to your app. Another great feature is the compatibility with all major global currencies. If you travel frequently for work, converting your pay can prove to be difficult. With Expensify, the app does the work for you. Above all, Expensify heavily simplifies your expenses. After all, not every marketer or business owner is proficient in accounting. Expensify is one of the top apps you must try!


Ever needed a graphic for a campaign or promotion but not wanted to hire a freelancer for a small task? Canva is one of the most innovative and useful apps of 2020, and is the perfect solution. Canva is a graphic design app that allows you to choose premade templates and make them your own. There is vertically no graphic that Canva doesn’t have a template for. Whether it’s a Holiday email banner or a resume, Canva is one of the best apps for marketing your brand. In an age where aesthetics play a larger role than the actual quality of the service/product, graphic design is of utmost importance. It cannot be stressed enough how much a clean and professional brand can positively impact your business.

Why Canva is one of the best marketing apps of 2020

Canva is easily one of the best apps out there. There are countless examples of what can be done on Canva. From business cards to greeting cards, they can fulfill virtually every graphic need. One of the best and most useful features that can be utilized on Canva is the preset dimensions for social media. When you create a graphic for instagram, the app automatically sets the graphic up to have the correct dimensions for  whatever app you are using. This means that you no longer have to crop and edit each image. Canva also has the ability to quickly create Instagram stories and Facebook headers that look great. There are countless benefits that qualify Canva as one of the best marketing apps of 2020.


MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools that currently exists. With premade templates and and easy to navigate interface, MailChimp has proved that it is worthy of its success. With hundreds of templates to choose from, your emails will look great and communicate your message efficiently. MailChimp allows you to create your email campaign in advance and then schedule the best time to send. Not to mention the analytics provided after your campaign is sent that includes open rate, click through rate and website visits. This will allow you to make changes and monitor your progress right from your phone or mobile device. Email is on the rise!

Best Use 

MailChimp is regarded as one of the best email services because it’s actually free to use. Though you have the opportunity to pay in order to unlock more features, this app is great for businesses that have low marketing budgets, but still care about delivering a high quality marketing experience to their customers. One of the best perks of MailChimp is the ability to easily sort your audience lists through the mobile app. This allows you to save time trying to manually add every name or recreate every email list in your database. Also, MailChimp can be automatically synced with your Excel workbook for easy import. Additionally, this app has templates ranging from Holiday email campaigns to professional use.


Hootsuite is a mobile app that allows you to carefully monitor and plan out your social media content. Social media is on the rise in 2020, and one of the best ways to efficiently produce content is through this  app. Hootsuite  is one of the top social media planning app for its easy to navigate features, and the ability to integrate multiples channels into one account. Hootsuite is great for planning and scheduling out content, making your platforms uniform, and even finding the best times to post.

How to Get Started 

Getting started on Hootsuite is simple. The first step is creating an account and choosing either a paid or free plan. Both are great, but the paid plan does include some helpful features that might be what your business needs to boost its social media presence. Additionally, if you are a student or teacher, you can receive the Hootsuite certification that goes over the best practices of Hootsuite. After scheduling out some content on your page, it is recommended that you carefully monitor your dashboard for analytic reports. These reports are easy to access and will give an in depth look at your follower demographic, post performance, and more. All of this, and more, contribute to why we consider Hootsuite to be one of the best Marketing Apps of 2020.

Monday is an app that allows employers to manage various employees, assign tasks, and delegate various projects. As one’s business begins to grow, managing employees can become a more arduous task that can no longer be done manually. This app is highly acclaimed and considered to be one of the most sought after employee management tools. Audiences matter. Monday also allows employees to easily keep track of their assignments, track their spending, and easily share project progress. even includes onboarding applications so that employers can digitally share training videos, manuals and other tools for new employees.


While Square is not a new application, they have continue to innovate their way into one of the best marketing apps of 2020, especially for retail businesses. There is almost nothing that Square can’t do for small retail businesses. We all know that 2020 hasn’t been easy for many businesses- however, Square can easy some of the burden by allowing a simple way to track purchases. While Square is considered a mobile payment platform, they specialize in tons of different marketing and business practices. Similar to both PayPal and Shopify, Square has spent the last few years heavily developing their ecommerce side. Now, instead of being a payment service, they assist with website development. Square also has a popular POS system that automatically links to the app. After all, who doesn’t like getting to see their business materialize in the form of revenue? Square does it all!


Ever wondered who is talking about your business? Well, Mention can be of assistance. By accessing billions of internet sources, Mention can directly notify you whenever your business is mentioned. Whether it is positive or a critique, Mention allows you access to where you are being discusses. This is largely why Mention is considered one of the best marketing apps of 2020. Brand identify is one of the most essential components of the marketing mix. Mention is an app that can easily manage the different types of conversation surrounding your app. This tool also gives you access to more qualified leads and target ad contenders. Mention is a great resource.

Conclusion of the Best Marketing Apps of 2020

While it may seem daunting to explore new tools, there are several great options to choose from. Using these best marketing apps of 2020 allows you to focus more on growing and expanding your business, and less on the manual work that comes with owning a business. Through this article, we hope that there is more clarity surrounding the features many of these apps have.

Katrina Rawlins

Katrina is an incoming senior at Azusa Pacific University, currently pursuing her degree in Marketing from the Business school. Originally from Seattle, Washington but currently resides in Glendora, California while finishing up school.

She is very passionate about Marketing and is excited to learn more about SEO and various marketing strategies through her internship at Sunlight Media.