Shared IP Address vs Dedicated IP Address: Busting the Myths

The discussion of choosing a dedicated IP address or a shared IP address hosting can be quite controversial. It’s a topic that often causes a dilemma. This is partially due to the number of myths available on the web.

Before we address the issue of myths, let’s take a brief look at Shared and Dedicated IP Address.

  • Shared IP Address

A shared IP address is standard between several domains on one server. Instead of your domain having one IP address, everybody shares the IP address on the server. A shared IP address is adequate for most users because standard configurations don’t need a dedicated IP address.

  • Dedicated IP Address

Unlike Shared IP Address, a Dedicated IP Address is shared by none. Basically, it is your separate domain on the web.

Now, after an understanding on Shared and Dedicated IP Address, it’s time to debunk some myths.


  • Websites that use a Shared IP Address have low SEO performance.

Google handles virtually hosted domains and their associated links. Furthermore, if you check Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, there is no list for Shared or Dedicated IP Addresses.

Google’s search engine can read your SEO performances directly from your website, whether it is on a Shared or Dedicated IP. Hence, it does not matter how you are hosting your website as long as you create good content for SEO.

  • For using an SSL certificate, you must have a dedicated IP address.

Previously, it was mandatory to have a Dedicated IP address to install and use SSL. With SNI, users were able to use multiple certificates on a single IP address. But this created a problem when out-dated versions of browsers couldn’t support SNI.

Today, Shared IP Addresses work seamlessly with SSL.

  • Type of IP Address has an impact on email reputation.

Email (or sender) reputation is the measure of your email sending practices and how closely you follow the protocols mentioned by Internet service providers (ISPs). ISPs use these standards, more so than content, to filter spam and unwanted emails. Email reputation is mainly measured for a sending IP address.

For people who have to send bulk emails, a dedicated IP is recommended. Because IPs have a reputation, numerous people use a dedicated IP to send eCommerce or transactional emails. This becomes essential when it comes to IPs and delivery rates. This reputation can affect your delivery rate and its ability to reach customers.

If you are an organisation, it is better to use a dedicated IP address.

  • Your website’s speed increases when you use a dedicated IP address.

If your websites attract massive web traffic, a dedicated IP address would be the best option. As thousands of other websites would use a shared IP address, it will result in a constant server crash and website downtime. Moreover, you can quickly get access to your server via FTP.

You will come across lots of myths about web hosting and IP addresses. The website domain and hosting price will depend upon the services it provides. So, before you buy a domain and hosting packages, you must research thoroughly.