Ultimate Guide to Digital Printing

The direct printing process from a digital image on different forms of media is known as digital printing. In this process, inkjet printers are mostly used. Though printing cost is more than the conventional methods, eliminating costs of printing plates brings down the overall cost. Now, let’s understand the steps involves in the digital printing process.

  • Frame appropriate content: Before starting the printing process, you must frame a clear idea about your design. Along with that, understand the purpose of the content and why you want to print that. The content can include text, logos, and images. When creating a brand message, use the colours and text that represent the brand. Once you proofread it, the content is ready for printing.
  • Save in proper format: When the design is ready for print, save it in the print-ready format. This will make the print ready for the digital printing process, as well as preserves the quality. In case the design is not saved in this format, then the pixels may get disintegrated, and the final image will get impacted.
  • Cleaning the printer: You must always use the latest laser printer for the printing process. But before the process begins, the print heads are cleaned using a special liquid. This step ensures that the printer doesn’t get damaged due to dryness. After every 100 prints, repeat the cleaning process.
  • Conducting various checks: First, the drum collecting waste ink is cleaned. You need to ensure that the cleaner is replenished whenever it runs out. Apart from that, you must check the ink temperature. Different printers operates at different temperature ranges to provide the best results.
  • Select appropriate pallets: Once you complete all the checks, select sized pallets that hold the product perfectly. According to the content, attach a sized pallet and lay the product on the board for printing.
  • Printer prints:For best printing, always prefer the best color printer in India. The actual printing starts with the movement of print heads on the product. Once the printing completes, remove the pallet with care. After that, it is passed through a huge dryer to ensure that print adheres securely.

Nowadays, digital printing is quite famous. If you want variety with clarity, then this is a form of printing that you can choose. Along with clarity, it reduces overall printing expenditure. With the above tips in mind and a good quality printer by your side, digital printing won’t be a rocket science.

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