A Guide to Using LinkedIn as a recruiting Tool

By Carl Avery Jul18,2020

We all aware of the essential role that social media plays in today’s recruitment scenario. One of the most powerful social media tools for creating a realistic and result oriented recruitment strategy would be LinkedIn. How can you leverage LinkedIn for the best possible experience in achieving the best standards in terms of attracting the right talent?

LinkedIn – An Overview

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has grown to be a robust business and employment service in its own right. With over 500 million users spread over 200 countries, it was created for providing job opportunities and help companies build a network.

Over time, it has evolved into a powerful tool that lets you get access to the employers, as well as help them to find the right talent. Making use of the right recruitment strategy can indeed help you to a considerable extent in achieving the best possible employee recruitment strategy.

The Perfect Strategies to use LinkedIn for Employing the Top Talent

Having understood the importance of LinkedIn and other social media sites for achieving the best possible recruitment characteristics, let us get to know how you can plan your strategies for using LinkedIn as the right platform.

Get your contacts right

The right approach to use LinkedIn for accessing the right talent would be to get recommendations from the employees that you have already happily placed. Make sure almost every one of your existing workforce and everyone else who count are in your network. They will be your advertising resources!

Gather as many contacts as you can and grow your network. Ensure that they do place recommendations for you. The higher number of contacts you have, the more will be your chance of getting access to the right candidate.

Get hold of a Recruitment software

Posting jobs on LinkedIn and getting responses can be a daunting task. Having your HR department handle the task manually may not be the right option to go with. Research and get hold of excellent recruitment software that can efficiently harness the power of social media. Software that improvises your online presence would be something quite practical in the long run.

Services such as Greenhouse recruitment software have conclusively proved their efficiency in this sphere. Choosing the right recruiting tool can indeed go a long way in promoting yourself as the best recruiter and improve your online presence and brand image to a better extent.

Refine your own LinkedIn Page

Go with the right approach to use LinkedIn as the best recruiting tool. The first step you would need to go with would be to put the right foot forward. This would be more so if you are planning to use LinkedIn as your tool to attract the candidates in the sphere of administrators and hiring managers.

A perfect online presence and brand image are what would make a huge difference in coming up with the right platform. As we already discussed above, the choice of the best recruitment software can go a long way in achieving this goal. Ensure that your own profile is attractive and professional to the best possible extent.

Employ the right means to attract the right talent

There are several ways you would be able to attract a huge talent base through LinkedIn. One of the excellent options in this context can be to post a relevant content. If you post something interesting, and one or more of your connections like it, their further connections would be able to notice it and get interested in your organization.

You can then perhaps check out the profile of the person who liked your post and then check if he or she would be a good fit in your company. Opting for the right and relevant job specific keywords could be yet another great strategy to achieve better results.

Use Employee referrals to the maximum possible extent

Employee referrals have been observed to be a great source of options for attracting the top talent. Close to 80 per cent of the employers find the employee referrals work out to be a great strategy for gaining access to the perfect candidates. Since the employees themselves know the potential candidate, they would be in a better position to determine whether the particular candidate is good for your organization or not.

Well, using LinkedIn for recruiting purposes can be a great tool in many ways. Just ensure that you are handling it in the right spirit. Execution is the keyword here, and if you are able to achieve that, you can assure yourself that you would be able to catch the top talent and help your company grow further.

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