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Know-How to Make Your Small Business Success With the Help of Social Agency

Several claims have been made about social media agencies taking advantage of business owners who do not know much about the medium. Such fraud agencies would be full of tactics and strategies but have little or no knowledge about how...


What is a virtual Contact center?

Before services such as Amazon Connect Virtual Contact Center, the first call center, which was owned by Time Inc. and operated under the name Life Circulation Co., was established in 1957. It was the precursor to today's sophisticated contact centers,...


Is contract intelligence the future?

Technology is helping businesses save precious time In recent years, there has been a rise in the use of Artificial intelligence, or AI, in businesses across all industries. This tech advancement has allowed organisations to save time and money, utilising...


The Age of Virtual Platforms

When managers plan their first virtual hiring event, they may be confused about all the different platforms that are available.  A platform is basically the operating system that enables a piece of hardware to work. Managers may feel like every...


What is Digital Marketing? Why is It Needed?

Digital advertising and marketing are the act of selling services and products via channels like social media sites, Email verifier, Search Engine Optimization, as well as mobile apps. Primarily, digital marketing is in the form of advertising and marketing that consists...

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