American Company Looks to Dominate Fan Site Space in 2021

Fan sites exploded in Popularity in Age of Covid 19and one American company is looking to capitalize on that momentum. A startup called Stripper Fan is looking to take the fan site space by storm over the next year. Inspired by the closings of Night Clubs across the country, the site looks to ease the financial burden on dancers and performers. When Covid 19 hit the United States and parts of Canada clubs and night clubs were closed for fear of spreading the disease. Many of the dancers inside those clubs were left with no work and no way to support themselves. Many looked to Fan Sites that already existed online but they were not built for the unique needs of all. Most of the sites catered specifically to people looking for pictures or videos. Noticing that the capabilities of these kinds of sites were greatly limited the founders of Stripper Fan decided something needed to be done.

  The Startup moved quickly to bring a site out to the Market and launched in July 2020. The owner has a dedicated and steady approach to business growth. Having been founded by a company with over 20 years of Internet Marketing Experience, it is known that growth doesn’t happen overnight. The site is looking to attract a new generation of open minded body positive people. People now embrace their bodies in more ways than ever and are not ashamed to show them off. The site is looking to put the ‘pay wall’ concept on an even wider path. They want to put everything inside membership packages not just pictures and videos but also phone numbers, social media accounts, clothing items, live camera interaction and more. In the age of Covid 19 people are not able to interact as much, dating has become difficult and so people have to find other ways to have intimate interaction with one another. If you are stuck in your home you still have the desire for affection and to feel close to someone. A site like Stripper Fan can help with that.

  The site also wants to make a positive impact on the world, promising to donate a percentage of its creators earnings to a group of Socially Conscious Charities including one to help with the Covid 19 Epidemic. The site feels that in 2020 every choice a consumer makes should have a positive impact on the world. The site is also very much about community and making people feel included. The site has categories that allow content creators to interact and feel part of a larger group. A company without purpose and community will not last long and Stripper Fan has both of those. It’s hard to underestimate this start up as it has so much potential with an ever growing Fan Market Online. Some of its competitors saw growth double during the Covid 19 Pandemic. The site feels that it will take years for people to go back to a ‘normal’ way of life and in the meantime Fan sites will help people stay connected with others and the world.

The sponsors and Fans on the site will have so many more options of what kind of memberships they choose and the creators will be able to offer so much more to their Fans. As we’ve found with so many other startups if you give people more options they always adapt and embrace those changes. It seemed farfetched that AirBnB or Uber  would take off as they involved strangers either giving you a ride or being invited into your home but they both did. The assumption that the fan market should be limited to just pictures and video content, seems just as absurd to the founders of this company.  We will see the Fan Site Market continue to expand in 2021 and beyond with growth continuing for years to come. Only time will tell if the founds of this company are right in those estimates but from looking at the site and what it has to offer for both Creators and their fans it seems they are certainly on the right track toward success.

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