Benefits of Telehealth During COVID-19

By Carl Avery Aug24,2020

There are many benefits to utilizing telehealth at all times, but especially during the current pandemic.

In fact, telehealth is becoming more acceptable and even expanding to include therapy and couples counseling virtually. All of this is having many more positive impacts than traditional therapy. Thanks to digital technology, more clinics are using telemedicine software for healthcare needs. Telehealth is expected to continue to grow and to be the new norm, here is why.

Improve Patient Engagement with Telemedicine Software

Telehealth offers providers new ways to interact with patients and treat them proactively. Through the use of telehealth, patients tend to be more comfortable to converse and ask questions while in their own home. It is also more efficient which allows for more information to be shared between the provider and patient.

Clinics can use telehealth to improve the overall workflow and efficient care of delivery, both for the patient and physician.

Telehealth software programs allow providers to capture records, store them, and review them all at once while speaking with patients. All of these telehealth tools work together to increase patient satisfaction.

Expand Access By Offering Telemedicine Software

During the unknown, there is a physician shortage. To deal with this, telehealth allows for the expansion of more patients to one doctor. Plus, physicians can reach patients in rural areas or those not able to easily receive needed healthcare.

For patients who live in a small city or rural area, they may not have the opportunity to see a specialized provider easily. Telehealth helps increase access to specialized providers.

In a competitive market, telehealth can give clinics the competitive edge to attract and retain not only patients but providers.

Telehealth will also lower costs for patients by eliminating the cost of travel, childcare, or even missed work. Thanks to telehealth, patients can receive needed healthcare at a more affordable price.

It can also help providers. Telehealth reduces no shows. One of the biggest waste of time for a provider is missed or late appointments. But telehealth improves the chances of patients showing up and when one doesn’t, it doesn’t have that big of an impact on the provider’s time.

Telemedicine Software Through Amplified Health

To add telemedicine software to your practice, Amplified Health can help.

Amplified Health offers a virtual care platform service for healthcare providers that is 100 percent HIPAA compliant. By providing a full practice management suite, Amplified Health can help your practice improve patient care.

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