Best Virtual Assistant Company: Belay Vs. Vgrow

Hiring a virtual assistant for a small business can help business owners and entrepreneurs save some time and money invested in business growth. A virtual assistant can beĀ  useful when business owners feel that they juggle between tasks and have more work in their hands than they have time for. A VA can help your business by handling simple tasks, such as creating social media campaigns, appointment scheduling, customer support, content writing, Amazon listing optimization, travel arrangements, database building, etc.

Moreover, hiring a virtual assistant services company can help businesses save 78% of the total operating cost.

While hiring a virtual assistant can be of huge benefit to your business, finding the best virtual assistant services company can be a tiring task. After closely looking at several virtual assistant services companies, we have found two great VA services companies based on skills, experience, ease of use, efficiency, price, and other factors.

Here is a comparison between the two best virtual assistant companies: Belay and Vgrow, to help you choose the best.


Belay was founded in 2010 to help churches and pastors to outsource their administrative tasks. Since then, the company has grown into a leading virtual assistant services company, offering its services to small, mid, and large businesses. The company boasts highly skilled virtual assistants and offers a team of dedicated US-based professionals to every client.

According to Belay, their virtual assistant outsourcing services are ideal for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, small business owners, and more. The company has a team of professionals from the US with experience in various skills, including website designing, social media campaigns, bookkeeping, and virtual assistance. Belay currently has a team of more than 1200 remote workers. They provide a special assistant to each customer and a client success consultant to ensure highly efficient work.


Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your virtual assistant services to Belay:

  • The company has been on the Inc. 5000 list for the last six years.
  • Belay is a US incorporated company and has a team of over 1200 remote workers across the country.
  • The company strives to help you find the best virtual assistant that meets your requirements.
  • They provide a specialized virtual assistant to each client, and a relationship manager oversees the work to ensure high-quality services.
  • Businesses can build a long-term relationship with the same VA as a specified VA is assigned to each client.


While Belay offers many pros of hiring a virtual assistant through them, there are some drawbacks one may face while working with them:

  • Belay services are highly-priced. The prices usually start from $34 per hour.
  • The company accepts clients who are willing to avail of their services for a minimum of 10 hours per week. Hence, if your business needs a VA for less than 10 hours per week, Belay is not a suitable option.
  • The Belay website doesn’t include a pricing structure. One needs to fill an online form and request a call back from Belay to get a quote.


With the experience of more than ten years, Vgrow has managed to establish itself as a renowned virtual assistant outsourcing company across the globe. Vgrow offers quality services to small and mid-sized business needs. With the support of skilled professionals, this virtual assistant outsourcing company offers a wide range of services to its clients, including online marketing, website designing, content creation, basic data entry, making travel arrangements, graphics designing, product launched, and customer support services.

Vgrow is a reputed US incorporated company providing 24×7 virtual assistant services across the country. The company is currently working with more than 75 small businesses in the US. The unique process of the company with a customized strategy helps businesses grow. They offer cost-effective and customized virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners. The professional and experienced workers understand the business model in the US and offer reliable services based on the needs of the business.


Here are some benefits you will get from hiring Vgrow virtual assistant services company:

  • Vgrow offers highly affordable virtual assistant services to help small and mid-sized businesses hire quality VA at affordable prices. The pricing starts from $6 per hour, and business owners and entrepreneurs can choose to hire a VA as per their requirements.
  • As Vgrow is a US incorporated virtual assistant services company, the workers understand the US working model and provide services accordingly.
  • There is no limit on the minimum number of hours for hiring a virtual assistant per week in Vgrow. Hence, Vgrow can provide you quality VA services regardless of the number of hours you choose to avail of their services.
  • Vgrow offers a range of virtual assistant and digital marketing services, including event planning, data entry, customer support, internet research, Amazon marketing and optimization, video creation, graphic design, travel planning, and appointment scheduling services.
  • They offer a risk-free free trial, so business owners can hire the VA for a short time and evaluate the quality of services they will get.
  • Vgrow also provides a dedicated program manager who can effectively communicate with you and handle your virtual assistant needs.
  • There are no set-up fees or hidden costs involved in transparent pricing, with the costs included in the site’s pricing page.


There are a few cons with so many advantages of choosing Vgrow over other best virtual assistant services companies. However, one may ignore these when getting high-quality services at a very affordable cost.

  • Vgrow is not amongst the Inc 5000 companies.

Belay may be a preferable option for medium and large-scale businesses because of its huge reputation as an Inc 5000 company. But, availing virtual assistant outsourcing service from Belay will pay as high as $34 per hour. Hence, for businesses that want to hire a virtual assistant services company that offers quality work at an affordable cost, Vgrow is a better choice as it delivers cost-effective and quality work at much lower rates.

To avail of the virtual assistant services of Vgrow, click here and schedule a 30-minute free consultation today.

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