Business Tips: How to Get More Leads as a Contractor

By Carl Avery Dec9,2022

We can all recognize a great website when we see one: it’s well-organized and professional and encourages visitors to stay and learn more about the organization. However, this does not guarantee that your website visitors will consider using your services. Your website is a window of opportunity for you to increase your sales. Most potential clients will find your site through Google or Yelp, but your content will convince them that your services are worthwhile.

Many business owners miss out on prospects for growth because marketing and sales need to be aligned. You may spend time and money on branded collateral, trade exhibitions, and social media, yet your marketing may not convert to new leads. Creating leads for contractors requires significantly more effort than simply starting an advertising campaign.

Where Do Contractors Get Leads?

The top contractors’ lead generation websites are as follows:

Google My Business

Your Google Business Profile assists customers in finding you on Google Search and Maps. Get a Google Business Profile and optimize it to attract customers. Google Business Profile provides free contractor lead services.

Angie’s List 

Angie’s List can help you reach over six million households. Angie’s List profiles are free and generate leads. If you advertise on a contractor lead website, expect to pay $4–8 per click.


Yelp has over 30 million monthly unique visitors, giving your business a huge market. Yelp membership gives you contractor leads immediately (for free). To attract more leads, advertise on our contractor lead services website.


Houzz leads residential contractors. Houzz profiles can boost your search rankings and directory exposure for free or at a monthly cost. Advertising options vary.


Access to a sizable audience of more than 30 million consumers is provided through HomeAdvisor. There is an annual subscription fee and a lead generation fee for contractors on this paid lead generation website. On Home Advisor, lead prices range from $15 to $60.

How Do I Get Free Contractor Leads?

You want to generate free leads as a general contractor because you currently have more time than money. Lead generation is always either time-consuming or costly. The money strategy is spending money on marketing, advertising, or employing a company or someone to do it for you. The time method entails using specific marketing techniques by yourself or a team member to qualify leads without spending additional money. Let’s pretend you already have a website and don’t want to spend any more money to boost your contractor lead services.

The following are some methods for getting free contractor leads services:

  • Improve your website (SEO)
  • Create new website pages
  • Begin a blog and seek feedback.
  • Join forces with nearby businesses by posting as a guest on a blog.
  • Use of social media
  • Submission of articles to publications
  • Make a manual or an eBook.
  • After-project videos
  • Send email newsletters
  • Connect live chat to your website.

Remember that nothing is truly free. You will be exchanging your time or money for new, quality leads. It is entirely up to you which approach you choose! And, if you wish, be prepared to balance the time and money you spend generating new leads.

How Do I Promote Myself as a Lead Contractor?

The following are significant strategies for promoting oneself as a lead contractor:

  • Communicate with coworkers, contractors, and clients: Social media makes this easier. Using LinkedIn to showcase your portfolio and network would be best.
  • Become a “Pro”: Showing off your skills is a terrific method to show people how you can help them. Answer or ask questions in LinkedIn groups. Write for industry bulletin boards and information sites.
  • Web Presence: Today, all professional contractors should have a website or blog. Your online presence can be a portfolio, CV, or guide/service. A shared hosting account, domain name, and WordPress template can do almost anything.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization is now essential for many web-based contractors. Take several steps to improve your website’s search engine rankings in Google’s monopoly, which includes regularly updating your website with high-quality content and accumulating relevant, strong backlinks from industry sites. Start with SEOMoz’s SEO beginner’s guide.
  •  Branding: Everyone brands oneself, intentionally or not. Choose a decent name for your firm (or business if you’re a freelancer) and develop a professional logo that attracts potential clients but doesn’t overpower your service.
  • Reviews: Ask clients and colleagues for testimonials for social media or recruiters/clients. Again, LinkedIn is ideal because you can choose which recommendations to include in your profile.

How Can I Get Leads Faster?

There are several methods for generating leads quickly and with little to no effort. The problem with most of these tactics is that they only generate low-quality leads with little chance of becoming clients, which is meaningless for your business. It would be ideal if you could generate high-quality leads with a high possibility of converting quickly and easily, immediately or in the future. These approaches that blend the best of both worlds are unfortunately uncommon, but they do exist. And now, I’ve got the quickest, simplest tactics for generating high-quality leads immediately, as listed below:

  • Find a reputable PPC firm.
  • Automatically post to social media.
  • Create free downloads of your blog’s content. 
  • Add dynamic CTAs to each of your blog entries.
  • Improve your form’s conversion rate.
  • Select pop-ups that are simple to use.
  • Message social media users
  • With your content, take on industry heavyweights and establish yourself on review sites.
  • Promote offers that are about to expire.
  • Make use of your current clientele.
  • Attend networking events to generate new leads.


Hiring contractor lead services providers are worth a go if you’re starting and can’t wait to expand your business while adopting your marketing techniques gradually. Contractor lead services can be useful, but if utilized incorrectly, they can be harmful. Use it with extreme caution. A decent rule of thumb is to utilize it only when required.

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