Cracking the Salary Secrets of Cybersecurity in India 2024

Want to make a career in cybersecurity but not sure of its relevance and salary potential in 2024?

Let us help you in clearing the fog around it. 

Indian finance industry faced more than 13 lakh cyber-attacks in 2023 – RBI

Increased dependency on digital technologies has fueled cyber crimes in India. Having apt cyber experts on our side to combat the cyber war is the need of the hour. Looking at the impending danger of cyber threats and rising demand for cyber specialists we can say that the future of Cybersecurity in India is promising. 

Still, having doubts about the future or salary prospects of cybersecurity professionals in India? 

Let’s deep dive into the job prospects of Cybersecurity in 2024

Why Cybersecurity as a Career? 

Cyber security market is expected to grow to $35 billion by 2025. – NASCOM

With the expanse of the digital landscape and with it the cyber crimes, cybersecurity is a weapon of defence in this new age. Companies are throwing money into cybersecurity to safeguard their digital assets, hence fueling the jobs in this domain. 

The reasons why Cybersecurity should be a top career pick for you are summed up here: 

  • Highly demanded: cybersecurity is indispensable in protecting privacy and data and in maintaining the stability of businesses. 
  • Shortage of skilled workforce: the number of Cybersecurity jobs outnumber qualified candidates.
  • Competitive salaries: Businesses and individuals rely on cybersecurity professionals for digital safety hence, the cybersecurity profession offers lucrative pay packets as compared to other IT roles. 

Projected Salary for Cybersecurity Experts in 2024 

Current Salary Trends for Cybersecurity Experts:

Courtesy of Ambition Box, the average salary for Entry level jobs like Cyber Security Analyst is ₹ 6,30,000 per year. On the other hand, a Cyber Security Specialist having 5 years of experience gets ₹11,18,301 per year on average in India. Of course, salary packages can vary significantly depending on location, experience, and company size.

Here, we are listing some of the highest-paying jobs in Cybersecurity domain:

  • Cyber Security Manager ₹23,72,500 
  • Security Architect: ₹23,00,000
  • Security Software Developer ₹10,50,000
  • Network Security Engineer ₹6,77,500
  • Cyber Security Analyst: ₹5,39,840 

Factors  Influencing Cybersecurity Expert Salaries in 2024 

  • Qualifications: Another factor in determining your wage is qualification. Relevant certification like M.Sc. (IT) in cybersecurity under your belt showcases the skills and knowledge you have in this domain. 
  • Experience: Cybersecurity is a skill-based domain where having work experience aids in getting high salary packages. It sets you ahead in the race to grab high-paying opportunities in this highly competitive job landscape. 
  • Job Title: Apart from professional experience, earning potential also relies on job titles. Different positions require different skills and requirements in a company, hence the salary package differs accordingly.
  • Industry: The area of business also plays a key role in your take-home. Industries having large cash flows tend to give high remuneration to their workforce as compared to others.  
  • Location: Salaries in different regions of the country vary significantly according to the location due to differences in cost of living and other geographical factors.  

Real-World Examples of Cybersecurity Expert’s Salaries 

Company Average Package (LPA)
TCS ₹4.5 
HCL Tech ₹ 5.2
Wipro ₹ 9.1
Deloitte ₹ 9.9
IBM ₹ 8.5
Ernst & Young ₹ 4.3
Cognizant ₹ 7.4
KPMG ₹12.0
Google ₹ 15.3
Amazon ₹ 11.2

**in lacs

Wrapping Up 

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The future job market of Cybersecurity in 2024 appears bright as it is a relatively new domain with an all-time high demand for skilled professionals. Cybersecurity does offer a lucrative career but the earning potential relies upon the skills possessed by cyber professionals. Only those Cybersecurity professionals can thrive in Cybersecurity who constantly develop their skills and specialize in it. 

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