Discover How AI-Powered Chatbots Are Changing Customer Service

Imagine being able to boost your chatbot IQ and relevance without spending days or weeks adjusting rules and decision trees. Imagine being able to improve customer care, happiness, and conversions by having a smart chatbot.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), enterprises can utilize chatbot technology to not only empower customer self-service but also boost employee productivity and reduce operational costs. The end result will be spot-on self-service, with happy, increasingly loyal customers.

Uses for AI-Powered Chatbots

When exploring ways to use AI-powered chatbots to your benefit, you want to look for ways to:

  • Respond to your customers instantly
  • Guide customers to products and services they are likely to be interested in
  • Increase employee efficiency, freeing them up to focus on high-value customer interactions
  • Bolster brand loyalty through dynamic and memorable self-service experiences
  • Make your business available 24/7, so customers can reach you at their convenience

Goals of Having an AI-Powered Chatbot 

There are numerous benefits of having an AI-powered chatbot, including:

  • Self-learning: Save weeks or even months of labor-intensive tuning by letting machine learning algorithms take care of the grunt work.
  • More than one way to ask a question: Your chatbot should always have an answer. Keep your bot from talking in circles and steer the conversation towards effective self-service.
  • Answers to unanticipated questions: When enriched with all kinds of content and data, your bot can answer even when there are no predefined rules.
  • A wealth of content easily found: Index content of any source or type. Then, leverage it across platforms to help customers find the answers they need. Even your chatbot can use AI-powered search.
  • Full customer context preserved: Capture interaction data and carry it over to other channels, like agent-assisted support. That way agents get the full context, should a question require further assistance.
  • An AI chatbot that understands customers: Let the AI connect, learn, and provide better answers
  • Easy connections with robust APIs: Leverage AI with search parsing, grammar, snippeting, and completion required for each chatbot customer service interaction.
  • Enriched intent detection: Combine past customer data and current customer context to better understand the needs of each individual. Then, show customers more of what they want.

Every time your bot gets it right, that’s one less ticket for your customer support team.

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