DSI® Kanban for Oracle SCM Cloud Provides the Optimal Automated Solution to Replenishment of Production Materials

By Carl Avery Mar22,2021

Companies specializing in high-production manufacturing and assembly line operations require a way to replenish production materials accurately and efficiently. Manufacturers need to ensure their work centers will always have the proper inventory on hand to optimize productivity, lower costs, and reduce waste. For this reason, DSI® developed Kanban for Oracle SCM Cloud. DSI’s Kanban solution is an inventory management application that provides inter-organization fulfillment from warehouses to production work centers, as well as external supplier fulfillment from suppliers to the warehouse and work center. DSI’s Kanban solution controls item replenishment and helps manufacturing and assembly operations using Oracle SCM Cloud platform to automate just-in-time delivery of materials and supplies to work centers, reducing lead times as well as inventory levels from end to end, increasing productivity and efficiency while cutting costs.

DSI Kanban works as a self-regulating pull system, ensuring that inventory is pulled and delivered to work centers in a just-in-time manner based on the centers’ actual needs. The system reduces costs for manufacturers by eliminating the need to spend money and resources on purchasing, storing, and maintaining inventory that may not be needed. The Kanban system allows replenishment of materials to be driven by actual usage, leading to leaner overhead costs and more efficient production.

For companies leveraging Oracle SCM Cloud, the DSI Kanban solution simplifies inventory replenishment through a cloud-based application that automates replenishment processes. The application allows for real-time assessment of inventory replenishment needs and tracks movement of inventory from the warehouse or external suppliers to work centers using electronic Kanban cards that indicate the exact items or materials being replenished at each stage. Through an automated paperless process, work centers manage picking, delivery, and replenishment requests in real time.

DSI Kanban card templates are fully configurable, enabling users to select the specific production items and quantities, as well as cards needed for any given work center. Because the card template utilizes Oracle SCM Cloud’s warehouse replenishment regulations to manage back inventory, this process is easily incorporated into Oracle SCM Cloud, and it powers subinventories and locators to display production usage in real-time. Kanban can also perform an item requisition, as per the purchasing rules in Oracle SCM Cloud.

Designed to provide flexibility, DSI Kanban for Oracle SCM Cloud can be reconfigured to serve the specific inventory needs of each manufacturing or supply company, while also supporting FEFO and fixed picking options. Kanban can also be configured to operate either by virtual cards and totes, or by means of barcoded cards and physical bins. It enables users to establish picking priority in real time based on actual organization or subinventory. The application can suggest multiple subinventory options and prioritize picking according to actual need.

Kanban empowers Oracle SCM Cloud users by optimizing both real-time visibility, as well as the speed and efficiency of the material replenishment process. The Kanban picking application automates movement requests. With each transaction, the application automatically establishes a picking record displayed in Oracle SCM Cloud, reporting every transaction to ensure accurate and efficient tracking and accountability in real-time.

DSI’s Kanban for Oracle SCM Cloud provides manufacturers with an optimal inventory replenishment solution that increases productivity, optimizes inventory tracking, improves compliance, reduces costs, and generates revenues. Kanban provides the perfect combination of automation and configurability that allows each manufacturer to implement solutions based on their specific needs, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and rapidly addressing end-user demands while maintaining a lean production philosophy.

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