ESG Reporting: Can It Save the Planet?

By Carl Avery Jun15,2021

What can my business do to make the globe the best place for all? Most CEOs and entrepreneurs have come to accept that for any business to thrive; it cannot be run in isolation. Rather, it must factor in the communities living around and the ecosystem that sustains both flora and fauna. In line with this, one of the methods that you can use to make the globe a better place is adopting ESG reporting.

Some companies consider sustainability reporting to be the same as corporate social responsibility, but we must emphasize that it goes beyond that. ESG reporting is the process that helps companies to set objectives and gauge their performance and change towards a global economy. It combines long-term profitability with environment and social care.

From the definition, it is clear that ESG reporting requires a comprehensive review of business operations and structures. If it can be adopted by all organizations, even the biggest challenge, from global warming to regular wars, would easily come to an end. Here are the main activities that companies engage in and that can help to save the planet.

Cutting Down Emissions and Wastes

If your organization uses fossil fuels or releases greenhouse gases as part of its operations, cutting down emissions can help to address global warming and associated problems. Particularly, you should target to cut down the amount of carbon dioxide emission because it is the main gas associated with global warming. Some of the methods that you can use to cut down your carbon footprint include:

  • Installing more efficient machinery.
  • Shifting to green energy, such as solar and wind power.
  • Asking other parties in your supply chain to also adopt sustainable reporting.

Helping with Biodiversity Conservation

Another important item that is emphasized in ESG sustainability reporting is the focus on conservation. Today, millions of species are at risk of getting extinct, meaning that future generations are likely to miss the opportunity to see them. Some of the main causes of biodiversity loss are encroachment of natural habitats and hunting. Therefore, you might want to consider activities that help to restore these habitats and supporting organizations that protect wild animals.

Where possible, you can partner and support organizations that develop policies for wildlife protection. If you identify communities that largely rely on harvesting biological diversity, they can be assisted to identify a different way of life. Talk of a community that hunts animals for food. In such a case, it might be a good idea to help them adopt eco-tourism for revenue generation as opposed to hunting.

Promoting Social Justice

One thing you need to appreciate about sustainability is that it is nearly impossible to achieve its goals without entrenching social justice. As an organization, you need to think about the needs of the community and help members to improve their lives. Remember that this does not have to be within your neighboring community.  Your focus to address social justice in Asia, Latin America, Africa, or Europe will go a long way in protecting the planet. Some of the things you might consider in sustainability reporting to promote social justice include:

  • Funding education projects.
  • Supporting local entrepreneur projects.
  • Working to help vulnerable groups.
  • Providing clear water to communities.

The answer to the main question, “Can ESG reporting save the planet?” is yes. As we have demonstrated, all that is required is for organizations to adopt sustainability reporting and follow the main principles developed by the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development. This world is here for all of us, and we have an obligation to protect it for future generations.

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