Free BTC Operations Are Doing Better Than Ever!

By Carl Avery Jan1,2021

With the resurgence of Bitcoin, the crypto market is in a frenzy. People are buying BTC in the hope that it will soon hit the dizzy heights of $50,000 while more realistically it is going to hit around $24,000 and fizzle off. It may touch above this figure, but if we go by past trends and cycles of the world’s leading virtual currency, then we are likely to see a curve soon. This new craze during this fantastic bull run means that any services connected to crypto are also flying high, with free BTC services reporting record figures.

Just to quickly cover the topic of BTC, the likelihood at this time is that investors will get another chance to buy under the $20,000 mark. However, it is now all about waiting for it to cycle once more. However, if you were expecting it to go back to the lowly days of $3,000 to $10,000, it is unlikely this will ever happen again. There is now too much buying power and consumer confidence.

When BTC dropped from the previous magnificent high of $19,500+ to $3,000 buying power was low and confidence low. Now the much esteemed crypto has made a point, and what a point it is making in the run to the end of 2020, getting your hands on cheap BTC is unlikely.

One thing is for sure, cryptocurrencies will highly likely have an economical influence on the US$ and other currencies in the future. The way it is going, more people will adopt cryptos as a whole and this means other eco systems that have their own virtual currency such as Dash and Ripple will start to pick and possibly replace fiat currency, which would effectively leave billions of surplus fiats that governments have no idea what to do with.

There are however still ways to get free BTC and we will cover some of those briefly below:

How can you get free crypto?

Finding way to earn free bitcoin is a million-dollar question right now, and quite literally there is a million dollars up for grabs at this time if you get it right. One of the most popular ways is to use a service that can provide you with micro earnings via faucets.

When people visit faucet sites, all they have to do is to perform an action, and for that action a small payment may come your way. Many sites will give you a lucky number and you can receive up to 0.2 BTC while most of the time you receive a small amount like 0.00000021. It’s not huge, but it gets people on the crypto ladder and with the way BTC is going up at the moment, that 0.00000001 BTC will increase versus your domestic currency over time.

There are also plenty of BTC games out there you can earn free bitcoin while playing the game. This is in a way promoting gameplay using the BTC blockchain network. You can find both browser and desktop games too.

Other ways to earn BTC for free include opening an interest account where you earn weekly and monthly interest on crypto. It is in effect a passive income for your cryptocurrency. This may sound dodgy, but it is totally legit and is the reason why so many people are going crazy about DeFi cryptos because Bitcoin already proves that it works. That is, these firms store your crypto, they then lend to people or businesses who want to borrow BTC, and in return they pay interest, and some of that interest goes back to you!

What About Crypto Mining?

The issue with crypto mining is that it takes too much time and is expensive if you want to buy equipment that can handle mining. That said, you can mine some cryptos with a relatively small investment.

However, if you are looking for free BTC by taking the crypto mining route, you are unlikely to make much of a profit with only a small operation. That said, BTC is going up but even then, with the low block count, you have to ask yourself if it is really worth it.

Cryptos such as ByteCoin and Vertcoin are very easy to mine, and once you get enough of them, you can convert them to BTC if you wish. In effect, this is a way of getting free BTC. You can Bytecoin’s market cap at this time is $26 million and worth only $0.000143 so ByteCoin could be worth snapping up.

Crypto Mining Set Up Can be Inexpensive

If you set up a crypto mining network filled with Windows PCs, then you are actually limiting yourself. Also, Windows updates are annoying while all the other functions it has taking up processor speed and memory just waste valuable resources.

On top of this, you need a license which is another expense. Although you could use crack copy of Windows, you should ask yourself whether you want to risk a virus being part of your cracked Windows OS. Most of these coders create these crack copies not to help you, but to also inject trojans and spyware on your machine, and if you are dealing with crypto where you need a mega tight online security system, then you certainly want to avoid any crack software.

Luckily there is an easy solution, and it is free. Linux is the perfect operating for mining crypto. It takes are hardly any hardware resources giving your PC or laptops on your network almost double the resources and speed compared to Windows. A very simple solution you can use is xtra pc. This is literally a USB key you can plug into any device with a USB drive and you can use this to boot the machine into Linux and then run your crypto mining operation.

So, there you have it. Ways you can earn free BTC and solutions to mining crypto. You can now go out there and mine other cryptos in the hope to convert these to BTC once you have enough or you can visit websites and gaming sites that will pay you in BTC using a lottery style system. Just remember that mining may seem like it is free, but in actual fact it isn’t because you have the outlay of the network, and the electric bills to pay for.

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