GPS Tracking System For Water Fleet Management: Check The Basics!

By Carl Avery Jan6,2019

Managing a fleet of ships, boats and other vessels can be complicated, especially because tracking the movement of the water fleet requires more attention. Using modern tech is inevitable, and while GPS trackers are previously installed or can be added later, just that one step is not enough. You may have a GPS tracker on every boat or may be a couple more for every ship, but unless you can use these devices to your benefit to gather meaningful information or to help the management, the utility is rather marginalized. A GPS tracking system basically offers a platform for water fleet management. In this post, we are discussing the relevance of GPS tracking systems and how using one can help your business.

Why consider a GPS tracking system?

As the name suggests, GPS tracking systems are great for monitoring movement of vehicles, and while cab services and transport businesses have used these software solutions for the longest time, other modes and means of transport are following suit. Think of the GPS tracking system as a base to control and check the movement of vessels. From simple things like tracking the current position of the vehicle to alerts, route, fuel consumption and ability to control vessels remotely, everything is possible. The best GPS tracking systems are also designed to gather data, which can come in handy for analysis, so as to ensure better management.

How to choose the right GPS tracking system?

The first thing that needs attention is how the GPS tracking system is hosted. Some are cloud based, which means that the software provider offers access to the system, but the software is hosted on a remote server. The other option is a self-hosted tracking system, which is installed on your device. Both have a few pros and cons, which must be evaluated. Some of the advanced GPS tracking systems are designed for easy use, and you can get an app, which makes it easier to monitor your water fleet on the go. It is also more than necessary that the system is compatible for most of the popular GPS trackers, so that you don’t have to change the trackers for the sake of the platform.

The reporting module of GPS tracking system is also important for the management. You want to be sure that the system will enable you to have a sneak peek into the required information, as and when needed.

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