How The Functionality Of AWS Services Are Improving Different Industries

By Carl Avery Dec23,2022

In terms of cloud-based services, few continue to show the likelihood of improvement and growth like AWS does. This cloud-based service has seen impressive growth year over year, and with more companies being willing to increase their cloud spending budgets, this growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. What is the defining factor of this service though? Their competitive advantage? It varies by industry, but the through line with all of them is that they remain successful with the help of AWS services.

This post will provide a detailed look into the ways that a few industries are capitalizing on the capabilities of AWS services:


An industry like this collects so much patient, treatment and research data that must be privately secured as a result of HIPAA compliance regulations. As a result of this, AWS solutions used within this industry are compliant and follow all expectations while providing secure storage and ready access to medical information around the world. These solutions provide more than just data management though, as cloud-based machine learning possibilities could result in the betterment of diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

Finance & Retail

While these two industries operate differently, they utilize AWS solutions fairly similarly as well. For example, financial firms and their skepticism surrounding cloud services limited their willingness to convert at first. As cloud security has improved, however, more of these institutions have begun integrating these services into their own and finding value.

Just like the financial industry, retail organizations collect a great deal of consumer data. Knowing that the data that’s collected can be analyzed to extract important information and insights, these retail organizations need the help of AWS solutions to storage and access this data. Additionally, with their computing solutions, they can extract all of the important insights necessary.

Manufacturing & Logistics

These industries operate on enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Traditionally, these solutions are local, however, more and more providers have shifted to the cloud. The AWS network, for instance. With the help that these services provide, organizations can better monitor, manage and track their inventories with ease.


With the changes that were necessary within the worldwide pandemic, the educational sector saw a need for cloud-based services as well. Online learning meant that educational institutions would need the help of AWS services to power the learning management systems that enabled teachers to reach their students throughout these times. As some institutions continue delivering online education, these services continue to provide value.

With cloud services continuing to evolve and provide more and more functionality for companies around the world, it’s important that your company stays prepared for the changes that could arise. If you believe that your employees need the help of a third-party AWS training program to better understand these incredible tools, please consider additional research around the topic.

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