List Of Right Questions You Must Ask To Your Potential Software Outsourcing Partner

So you have finally decided to outsource for support or development of important piece of software, right? Well, choosing just the right partner is crucial here. However, how can you ensure that the one you choose is best for you?

Well, do not worry anymore. The following are some of the right questions and considerations that will help you in choosing the best outsourcing partner for you!

What are your qualifications that make your company a good candidate?

You should get detailed and clear answer to this. In case their answer is not detailed, you can even ask more questions such as the time duration they take for a normal project to complete it, the number of people that works on a relevant project, and so forth. If they gave you an example of project that was handled by just a single developer and you require a large team for extended period, then it might indicate short of genuine experience.

What is your hiring process?

There is indeed an ample of flavors of the software development. You will definitely want to make sure that the potential firm has all the required skills needed for your project. For instance, if your project requires to be developed in .net language, then they must have an expert asp net developer or an entire team to fulfill your requirements.

Some of the companies have even started with their own boot camp programs for training people to become programmers through short and intensive training programs. You must know what exactly you are buying.

Where will the overall work be performed?

It is quite vital to get to know as well as understand where the relevant work is or will be performed. If you are considering domestic firm, then you just cannot assume that work will be done onshore. Some of the best firms like software development company CyberCraft are the hybrid ones when it comes to design. While it is nothing sort of deal killer, but it is something you will want to understand beforehand.

Describe the software development process

Their answer to this question can give you a clear idea of maturity of the potential partner firm. You can determine whether their process sounds organized and consistent. It will even help you know whether they will meet your expectations or not.

There can be even other questions you might want to ask like the cost, etc. Just make sure to not just consider cost as a sole factor to consider any company.

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