PPC Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Results

There is one, extremely good reason to consider a consistent Pay for Click Marketing Campaign. Pay Per Click Gets results in a hurry if you do it correctly.

Consider this key fact. According to Ahrefs.com, out of 2 million websites, they queried. The top 10 websites in every market were on average, 2 years old, and the vast majority of #1 and #2. rated sites were on average 3 years of age or older.

So, while Search Engine Optimization is great for climbing up in the rankings, it takes a great deal of time to rank highly. However, if you are willing to pay for click marketing, you will zoom ahead of dozens of websites in the Google rankings, just because you were willing to pay for the privilege. And for the vast majority of pay for click marketers, the money you pay will be worth it.

In general, for every dollar you spend on Pay per Click Advertising, You’ll typically

get a Return on investment of 150 percent. Which is what makes PPC really the king of the hill in marketing.

But Pay Per Click is not easy

Those who think pay per click is easy, however, have fallen for clever marketing schemes. If you think you can just bid on some keywords, pay for them, and sit back and rake in the money, they are kidding themselves.

That’s why the vast majority of marketers choose to get professional help such as our Chicago PPC agency.

Here’s an example of what our Chicago PPC agency can do:

Did you know that out of a half-million keywords bid on, over 370,000 only got a single impression and nearly 40 percent only got a single click?

Those that are making money on Pay Per Click have to be smarter than the average bear so to speak, and most marketers aren’t that smart. So, we strongly suggest you consider spending money with a good, professional agency.

Good landing pages are critical

The basic idea behind pay per click advertising is to rank on top, get key and intriguing information to your customers, and then point them toward a landing page where you hope to convert them.

Your ordinary home page won’t necessarily bring in the results you want, in particular, if you wish to offer a sale or special offer.

So compelling landing pages are extremely important.

Here’s a link to Alexa’s Blog on landing pages. We suggest you read the article but a brief summary:

  • Know your audience
  • Lead with the most important information first
  • Concentrate on benefits, not features
  • Talk directly to your readers
  • Speak in the words your readers use
  • Make your format easy to skim with lots of white space
  • End strong

Your ad is your teaser. Your landing page is your sales pitch. Make sure it is really great.

Be willing to spend money on your PPC campaign

Many people have been seduced into thinking you can get by on $25 or $50 per week and be successful.

On average, most marketers spend from $1,000 to $10,000 or more per month. It is reported for example, that GoDaddy, an extremely successful domain organization that has penetrated the market extremely well, nevertheless spends $5 million a year on pay-per-click advertising.

Always be testing

You should continually be testing everything about your PPC campaign. A single word or phrase can be worth hundreds of dollars or alternatively costing you the same.

Another reason to consider hiring a professional agency. They have the analytics to help you create copy that sells and converts, and that’s the bottom line.

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