The Best Business Intelligence Tool For You

The evolution of businesses today is at a super-sonic speed, and so are the competitors. In this scenario, business owners must ensure that they have an edge in the market to remain relevant by making relevant decisions. One way to make informed business decisions is by incorporating Business Intelligence tools into your to get real-time data and help you make smart moves in whatever industry.

Regardless of the industry, each business can access massive relevant data, which can significantly help when put into proper use. However, only a few stakeholders harvest and make use of this data. It’s at this point that Business Intelligence (BI) platforms like Ikigai come in to assist in gathering data and use it to boost their organization. The information BI software collects is understandable and easy to interpret, empowering an organization to make informed decisions and keep them in the lead.

What is Business Intelligence, and what does it do?

Business Intelligence is a software that equips companies with information that helps them run functional operations. BI tools harvest data are real-time and can be pulled from the forcest pipeline for analysis anytime. Moreover, users don’t need to be knowledgeable in coding or IT to use the dashboard.

The AI in BI tools functions by navigating different business goals through augmented moves that put them at a competitive advantage. The platform is the only commercial product built on high-end MIT AI and machine learning research. These tools take the lead in assisting functional businesses to boost their accuracy in their decisions. Businesses are certain of market trends and constant change, increasing the ROI in the end.

Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Tools

Once BI is in operation in a business, no changes are needed because the platform seamlessly merges with the existing tech structure to collect data. It combines various data sources to trim data, merge data analytics, visualize it and automate its delivery through technology like data reconciliation (DeepMatchTM) or multivariant time series forecasting. The platform makes data available and is readable by anyone. Here is what to expect from your business once you roll out BI software.

  • Find actionable insights that become insightful actions by optimizing all possible situations in daily activities. BI reinforces learning by making businesses capitalize on opportunities hence more profits.
  • The platform provides for effective decisions through data science in a few clicks for;
  • Data processing is 3X efficiency.
  • Cost reduction by 60%
  • Integrate over 150+
  • BI software can complete countless operations in no time.
  • Instant data is prepared in minutes, whether manual, integrated, combining, or matching through BI tools proprietary DeepMatchTM.
  • Convert data collected to work for the business.
  • The data that BI tools collect provide dynamic intuitions, and no coding skills are required for data science, even for more complex models.

Reasons you need BI Software

Business Intelligence is a blanket term that covers various methods of gathering data, storing, and analyzing it for better business functioning. Without BI tools, data still exists but is unused. However, with the help of BI, businesses greatly benefit from this data. Understanding figures or texts isn’t easy, but visuals are easier to understand for most people. Therefore, if data is brought forth with graphical illustrations, the brain quickly understands.

Visualizing data is crucial for Business Intelligence as stakeholders can view information as graphs for better understanding. As a result, it’s much easier to digit the information, and spotting trends is also fast. Here’s why you need BI tools.

  • It’s an operational platform for data analytics.
  • Unlike most standard BI tools, the platform works on a short-term strategy. A company needs a BI Platform that presents information in real-time when needed.
  • Syncs actionable data automatically for real-time.
  • Its dashboard is interactive with guides for dashboards for the next steps.
  • It operates in the cloud and collaborates with available data.
  • The User Interface (UI) is inbuilt, and little or no coding knowledge is necessary to access the data.

A competent Business Intelligence platform is capable of data preparation, AI analysis, dashboards that keep you in the loop, and automation all under one umbrella. In such scenarios, difficult business decisions become easy human-in-the-loop dashboards, and automation is orchestrated together under a single platform. Even the hardest operational problems become easy to steer hassle-free.


Business Intelligence platforms are crucial for any business today to help navigate different trends and remain relevant in the market. You need a vibrant BI system that keeps up with the market while helping take the lead on competitors and grow to new heights. Leveraging available information to grow a business is the much-needed, valuable fuel to point a company in the right direction.