The Two Sides of a Business Name Matter Now

What’s in a name? Well, that depends. Do you want your business to be recognized immediately or do you want it to be forgotten as soon as the name is mentioned? Name and brand recognition are essential, even more so now with the Internet.

In that context, your business name needs to be simple but reflective of your brand and purpose, easy to remember, and easier to share. Namify can help. With a system designed to help generate business names that resonate quickly, both in the digital world as well as with real audiences, Namify’s business name generator can help your company establish itself quickly in new markets by being easy to remember.

The Old Way of Doing Business

Traditionally, generating a name for a company started with the founders of that business. Oftentimes, peoples’ names became the logo of the business. Winchell’s, Macy’s, Sears, Burlington, Ford – the list goes on. All of these names were created by the very people who started those companies. However, in the 1960s, the concept of the corporation began, and that changed the game.

Suddenly, a business didn’t need to be associated with a person as the founder. It could exist as itself. Corporate names like International Business Machines and Rayovac started to appear. They reflected the nature of the company versus its ownership heritage.

The Corporate Concept Broke the Mold

Today, businesses are oftentimes named in response to the market they operate in. That said, copying someone else’s idea tends to be an obvious mistake and can backfire. This is where a business name generator becomes incredibly useful. The tool, specifically Namify’s service, can help starting companies generate a number of possibilities that resonate clearly with their target markets, giving a company an immediate jump forward in terms of brand and name recognition.

Covering the Field Correctly

Further, half the value of a name today also comes with its availability online as a free and available domain. If the name is already owned by someone else, a company will have to go through the trouble of buying it to have both sides of the pie. And that can become expensive, especially if the seller catches on that there is a demand for the owned domain.

Namify takes the pain out of name generation by also checking with its business name generator whether the name suggested is available online as well. That’s a huge information advantage for a business trying to get ready to launch itself with a brand new identity. Having both sides of the picture locked up simultaneously and trademarked is without question the best way to enter a market.

Go it Alone or Create a Name the Smart Way

There’s no question anyone can come up with a viable business name. Give the exercise a bit of brain juice, and one might get lucky. On the other hand, utilizing the power of Namify, a business can generate a market-worthy company name in a short window that is also digital-ready for domain ownership and staking out the electronic real estate properly. Namify – it’s the way modern business creates itself

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