Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Landing Page for Your Virtual Event

by Alex Schnee

If you have been planning on creating a landing page that converts your customers to paying attendees, then you need to have certain elements available. Knowing which elements can suit your event, the type of people you are hoping to attract, and more can make a big difference when it comes to creating landing pages that entice people to join your event.

Here are some tips to make your landing page one that succeeds in getting people to sign up for your online event.

It should be easy to read

One of the biggest mistakes often made with landing pages is that they often aren’t designed properly. You don’t need to have a page crowded with a bunch of videos, code, and more. In fact, the simpler the better when it comes to designing a page that gets the job done. It should include the information necessary for your attendees to join, when they should arrive online, and any other technical information that might be necessary.

It should include terms and conditions

At the end of your landing page, you should also make sure to include any terms and conditions that might be included along with your event. This might include information on they can refund their ticket, what happens if they miss the event, and more. Before going ahead and posting that information to your landing page, make sure you have someone with a legal background read it over to confirm that everything is in its place and that you don’t need to add any additional terms.

It should be simple to sign up

The simpler the better when it comes to making purchases for your potential attendees. This is why you might want to think about using Eventbrite WordPress during checkout, since it can cause conflicts with your site and deter customers from completing the checkout process. It can be a better option to redirect your customers to a payment page through a program, which can handle a large bandwidth of people and doesn’t require more code on your site that might slow things down or potentially crash it.

It should include confirmation

Of course, you should always include confirmation that your participant has completed the checkout process and that they have everything they need in order to join the event. While you should include this after they have signed up in their web browser, you will probably also want to send them some that essential information to their included email, as well. That way you can almost guarantee that they will make the effort to attend your event.

In summary

The simpler you can make the signup process for your event, the better. By putting a little effort into creating a landing page that can successfully convert clients, you’re increasing the likelihood that your event will do well. Make sure to keep things streamlined and that your payment processing doesn’t require anything complex from customers or from you.

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