Trace Detail From Microbilt: A Comprehensive Skip Tracing Tool

By Carl Avery Oct11,2020

When a debtor fails to repay his installment on time, your obvious response to reach out and remind them of the dues. What is the debtor is untraceable? Letters delivered to their address go unnoticed, and they refuse to take your calls or respond to your emails? This is exactly where creditors and collectors want to do everything possible to track down the debtor, which is called skip tracing. The debtor has essentially “skipped” the payment, and hence the term. A lot of information is accessible on public domain and sources like credit bureaus and telephone carriers, but that’s not enough, especially when the debtor is keen on defaulting or not paying the dues. Collectors and creditors often rely on a set of skip tracing tools to get their work done.

Trace Detail is a skip tracing tool from the house of MicroBilt, and it promises to help skip tracers and collectors with advanced assistance. In this post, we are doing a quick review!

What exactly is Trace Detail?

As the name suggests, Trace Detail is designed to not merely find the address of an individual, but also identify neighbors, associates, and others, who can be contacted and can be used as a resource to find that person. While MicroBilt has a bunch of skip tracing products, such as Super Phone, People Search, Enhanced People Search and others, Trace Detail is more like a tool for address verification and aids the skip tracing process by providing information that may help in further locating an individual.

The features

Trace Detail comes up with a report that shares relevant information, including verified addresses, phone numbers of people associated with the individual, property information, details of friends, roommates, associates, and neighbors, and the reporting dates. Trace Detail is ideal for advanced levels of skip tracing, where a person cannot be contacted or found using the standard tools, or has been evasive.

How good is the product?

We found that Trace Detail has been designed to aid the existing skip tracing tools from MicroBilt, and kudos to them bringing in an added tool. What works in favor of this tool is the way it looks for data. You are more likely to find an individual using Trace Detail, rather than giving up on the fact that the details of the person is untraceable.


MicroBilt has always managed to make ID verification & skip tracing easy for its clients, who are primarily debt collectors and skip tracers, besides companies that handle debtor tracing needs on their own. Trace Detail is an advanced option that will definitely aid the process further, and you can expect to get genuine support and assistance from MicroBilt for the product. You can refer to the website of MicroBilt to find some of their other skip tracing tools, which together become a comprehensive suite worth relying.

Tracing a person and finding details beyond their personal information doesn’t get easier than this. Refer to their website to know more on how a Trace Detail report looks like!

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