Using Free Help Desk Software as a Zendesk Open Source Alternative

By Carl Avery Oct1,2020

Every business needs the right technology to establish a great customer experience. Help desks make it easier to prioritize your support team and customers. A lot of companies take advantage of help desk software for more efficient communication.

Importance of Open Source Helpdesk Software

When choosing the best customer service software for your team, you must consider many factors such as the number of customers you help every day and your growth rate. Zendesk open source help desk is an alternative software tool that lets you modify, customize, and personalize helpdesk. This is the right solution for any business without paying too much cost. SaaS-based helpdesk solutions include all sophisticated features required to meet user expectations. But, those who cannot afford to pay for a highly paid helpdesk solution like Zendeskalso have an alternative.

As a business owner, you want to get the help you need to guarantee minimal or zero downtime. Customers and employees will never appreciate a system failure and when the complaints are put on hold.

An open source helpdesk system offers the following benefits:

  • Improved customer service. Customers want their issues to be resolved as soon as possible and they don’t want to run after your support team for the resolution. You want to keep them updated on the status of their support ticket. If your team fails to resolve their problem instantly, they must send the customer canned responses. Keep in mind that ticket management comes handy with a help desk. Operators can create a ticket for each customer interaction.
  • Increased agent productivity. Often, customers want to seek resolution to their issues instead of depending on the customer support operator. Open source help desk software integrated with a knowledgebase allows your operators and customers to access the repository of information to resolve issues by themselves.

  • Improved business operations. Help desk software lets you streamline your business operations. It will help you meet the Service Level Agreement and prioritize some actions based on when they are necessary. With this software, managers and systems administrators can effectively monitor how the contact center functions as they can view and analyze data points as well as initiative graphs.
  • Efficient ticket management. A reliable help desk ticketing system is used for creating a ticket, sorting, prioritizing, assigning, and collaborating to ensure a faster resolution. Prioritization can be done based on how urgent the problem is, the availability of the customer, and how long the ticket is pending.

Going for Free Open Source Alternative to the Zendesk

Zendesk is an open API ticket system. It allows third-party developers to build new integrations on the platform. Unlike an open source ticketing system, Zendesk software provides the benefits of open source ticketing without the need to build a system from scratch.

While all SaaS-based helpdesks are charging more than the features they are offering, features such as open tracking,automated workflow, email piping, complete knowledgebase, branding, and report analytics can be taken advantage of for free through an open source helpdesk like FreeScout. There is no need to pay more for the same features offering in SaaS if you can get them for free in an open source helpdesk system.

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