Why Paid Media is so Popular, According to a Paid Media Agency

No matter what kind of business you run, or which industry, there’s one thing you’ll want to be doing: getting more customers to grow revenue. One of the most cost effective ways to do so is by utilising paid media on social media, and working with a paid media agency to ensure your budget is put in the right places.

Paid media in a social context is paying for sponsored ad slots on social media platforms. There are countless types of ad formats available on every platform, with each one having different benefits. The most enticing element of paid media is that it can be uniquely tailored to every brand, campaign, and specific demographic you want to target. You aren’t limited to general consumer demographics, but can choose from income, location, hobbies, interests, gender, age, and more. The more you refine your paid media options to relate to your target audience, the more impact your campaign will have.

What are some other benefits of using paid social media?

  • Increased brand awareness

Paid media is one of the best ways to improve brand awareness, especially considering organic reach on social media is dwindling. Having your content appear regularly in users’ feeds means brand recognition increases naturally.

  • It’s cost effective

All platforms run paid media on a Pay Per Click model, meaning you only pay when users actively engage with your content. After running a few paid ad campaigns, you will have figured out the exact demographic targeting to ensure the best ROI.

  • Target hyper-specific audiences with ease

Most social platforms allow users to use interest-based targeting to ensure ads reach those who are genuinely interested in your brand and content.

  • Easy retargeting

You may already have a good social media presence through an organic strategy, but paid media can help you re-engage with existing customers or those who were previously considering purchasing from your brand.

  • Variety of ad formats

With every platform offering some form of paid advertising, you can guarantee you will find a platform with a format that suits your brand. You can cater to different audiences and preferences by using a combination of formats and platforms.

  • Digestible performance measurement

Measuring your campaign performance is arguably the most important part of the campaign. You need to understand what worked well, and what needs to be improved. With paid media, it’s easy to measure the performance of your adverts. You can easily measure the ROI and success of your campaigns.

Despite paid media being so popular, many brands still don’t quite get it right. This is where a paid media agency comes in.

Paid media agencies are full of social scientists with years of experience in executing impactful campaigns. They know how to research and present your target audience, and the channels that will be most effective for communicating with them. Not only this, but they can identify your top performing organic content and boost it to wider audiences, furthering any initial investment.

Paid media agencies can also save you time and money—something every business likes to hear. Strategizing and activating a paid media campaign is incredibly time consuming. It requires constant monitoring to ensure performance is optimised, and the skill to identify when an organic post should be boosted. Paid media agencies know the different paid media rates platforms charge, and know how to make the most from each option. They will also make adjustments to any paid media activations in real-time to guarantee the highest return on investment.

When working with a paid media agency, you are free to continue working and developing your business elsewhere.

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