Home Automation: One Industry Helped by the Pandemic

By Carl Avery Sep16,2020

No doubt the coronavirus crisis has devastated quite a few industries. We all feel profound sadness and disappointment for those industries. We hope they will rebound as soon as possible. On the plus side though, other industries have flourished – and continue to do so – as a result of coronavirus. Food delivery is one of them. Surprisingly, home automation is another.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, home automation has done very well in the local area this year. Though the segment was already growing when the year started, customers in Las Vegas wanted more from the industry as the coronavirus crisis set in. Customers decided to get those home automation remodeling projects done with the time they had to spend at home.

Updating Home Security

Home automation is generally divided into three categories: security, efficiency, and entertainment. On the security front, spending more time at home tends to open one’s eyes to so many security vulnerabilities previously undetected. If you are into home automation, realizing just how insecure your home is will likely motivate you to install or upgrade a security system.

Home automation has brought quite a few changes to the home security market. For example, wireless video cameras are now inexpensive enough that they are a default component of even the cheapest starter systems. That is not the way it used to be. In the days before wireless, CCTV cameras were primarily for wealthier homeowners who had the money to invest in top-of-the-line security systems.

Video doorbells are another big thing for home security right now. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Homeowners are also installing electronic door locks that can be locked and unlocked remotely. And do not forget motion-sensing and programmable lighting. It is all available thanks to the integration of home automation into the security arena.

Updating Home Efficiency

Being stuck at home gives homeowners an opportunity to see where their properties lack efficiency. For example, you may not understand how inefficient your thermostat is if you work 40 hours a week and then go out in the evenings and on weekends. But find yourself stuck at home for weeks on end and it suddenly dawns on you how frequently the AC goes on.

Vivint Smart Home, a home automation and security company with operations around the country, including Las Vegas, says that the smart thermostat is a big hit among consumers looking to cut their utility bills. A smart thermostat is not just programmable; it has on-board artificial intelligence that maximizes efficiency by learning the consumer’s routine.

Likewise, smart lighting can reduce energy consumption by ensuring that lights are used efficiently. Different lighting scenes can be programmed according to the day and season. Artificial intelligence can then adapt programming to accommodate the user’s lifestyle.

Updating Home Entertainment

Las Vegas contractors have noticed an up-tick in the demand for home entertainment upgrades as well. Once again, home automation technologies fit the bill. For example, imagine a home theater system that can be activated via voice command. Tell your smart speaker to stream a particular film or TV series and it does the rest.

Smart home entertainment platforms can automatically adjust lighting and sound for different types of media. They can be the intermediary between consumer and internet. Simply put, a home automation hub can also be a media hub whose sole purpose is to maximize entertainment value.

Given how much time we have all spent at home over the last six months, it is not surprising that the home automation industry has received a boost. It all makes perfect sense.

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