Life Science Companies That Are Doing Their Social Media Marketing Right

By Carl Avery Sep18,2020

Social media has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. You may love it or hate it, but as a company in the life sciences or biotech field who wishes to get results online, you should definitely consider using it for your business.

With a massive percent of the world’s population using social media today, most of the companies that have a presence in their industries have a social presence too.

For some time now, enterprises in the health and biopharmaceutical field believed that social media marketing channels should be avoided due to the constant exposure to negative feedback from clients. Some even considered that pharma and biotech devices or services are too serious to be mentioned with hashtags or memes.

But the reality is that if you want to be relevant and create online awareness in this time and age, even as a healthcare business, you need to be able to create winning social media strategies.

Some pharma companies use different digital marketing strategies to attract new customers, connect with the existing audience or earn notoriety, while others are using these channels even as product launching strategies.

But since social media for health and biotech is a novel space to be, life science marketing efforts differ, with some managing to rise above the rest. Let’s have a look now at some of the strategies which make life sciences best at using social media, and what room for improvement is left for those not doing it right:

  • Using Social Media To Educate And Inform

Social media can be an incredible tool to educate and inform. Easily accessible to a large audience, social media platforms have become more and more popular not only among the general public but also for researchers and practitioners in the life sciences’ field.

The widespread use of social media nowadays is particularly useful for raising the public’s interest and awareness in science, and with the right social media tactics and tools, any health care company can reach this goal.

  • Using All Social Media Platforms Available

With life sciences, as with any other industries, you should always make sure that you stay on top of your game. Competition is fierce and customers have a vast choice to choose among. That’s why your social media footprint should cover as many platforms as possible.

Also, you should keep in mind that as a life sciences business being visual all over the internet will not only raise awareness, but will also earn more trust. If you don’t want to miss out, some of the main social media channels all life sciences all biotech enterprises should use are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube.

Although different in ways they function and appear, all of them can help build an engaging community, share innovative ideas and industry news and reach out to professionals in the field.

  • Using Social Media Online Events And Webinars To Engage

If you are a life sciences company looking to take its exposure to the next level, streaming events, conferences, or webinars through your social media pages is the key.

In 2020 (the year of COVID-19) we have seen many shifts in terms of online marketing, one of the most notable being the virtual events hosted on social media.

With so many event formats and conference tools readily available these days, hosting and streaming online events is easy-peasy. Before a live streamed event, companies should just make sure that they clearly promote the what, when, and where for their target audience.

Also a preview of your broadcast is also recommended so that the audience will better understand what to expect.

  • Being Innovative On Social Media

Scientific animation videos can make a life science company’s image stand out among the crowd on social media. That’s all thanks to the growing demand of video content formats across all the internet.

Social media platforms are slowly but surely turning more and more towards a more visual and emotional format, which in return engages faster than written content.

Both social media and video are powerful tools to use in any life sciences and biotech company’s online marketing strategy. When used together, they can draw attention and massively boost customer engagement.

If you are a life science company and need some help with your online presence, check out Sciencia Consulting. The Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Jill Roughan, PhD, and has worked with translational life scientists for years, giving her and her team a deep understanding of customer needs and journeys to serve as the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. Get in touch if you’re looking to scale your marketing efforts and build a strong online presence.

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