Is Shared Hosting the Right Choice to Start Your WordPress Site?

By Carl Avery Jun11,2021

WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system to build a website, whether personal or business. To ensure that it runs smoothly, you need to host it by buying a hosting plan.

Shared hosting is a widely used option by new businesses and individuals setting up a website since it is highly affordable and comes with adequate resources to run it. However, price is not the only factor that makes shared hosting popular. Let’s look at the various benefits of using a shared hosting service and whether it is the right choice for all businesses.

Benefits of Using Shared Hosting

Shared WordPress web hosting services are a favourite amongst the new players mainly because of the several benefits offered by them.

Easy to Use

Shared hosting services are quite simple and easy to use even for beginners. Your hosting services provider sets up the shared server, installs and upgrade all the necessary software and provides necessary services like backups and virus checks. You will, however, need to manage the settings of your websites via the cPanel provided by the service provider.


Since shared WordPress hosting involves the allocation of one server to several websites, the overall cost of maintaining the server is distributed. This ensures that shared hosting packages are quite affordable and allow new website owners to use their resources for the growth of the business.

Faster Support

Since many websites share a single server, any problem faced by a single website can hurt the performance of others too. This means the hosting service provider will have to resolve the issues quickly to avoid a situation where all its clients experience problems in the hosting and running of their websites.

Such hosting solutions are suitable for you if you are looking for blog hosting, individual website hosting, temporary hosting, or small business hosting. The reasonable price of shared hosting packages allows you to have a good online presence without spending too much.

Growing Businesses May Need to Upgrade

You may start facing problems or feel the need for a better hosting option with more resources once your business grows or website traffic increases. With the growth in your business, the bandwidth and other resource requirements for the smooth running of your website increase and shared hosting plans may prove to be inadequate.

In such a situation, you may need to look for alternative options like a dedicated hosting or VPS hosting plan which offers you access to specific servers that are not shared with any other website. You can also avoid such a situation by opting for shared hosting plans that come with upgrade options, which means that the hosting service provider agrees to offer you additional resources when your website traffic goes up.

To conclude, Shared hosting is the go-to option for a new business or website. Such plans come with automatic WordPress installation and updates besides a free SSL Certificate. Hosting plans from reputed players include other attractive features like free domain name registration, free site migration, free speed-boosting CDN, SEO tools, and regular malware scans.

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