Pixel Art Gallery Of Unique Art Pieces From Android The World

By Carl Avery Jun29,2021

Pixel art is a type of art that dates way back to the early days of computer graphics. In the past, pixel art was never appreciated, but today, it has become a huge craze as they bring back old-day games to life in unique and exciting ways.

In this article, we have compiled some of the unique and colorful pictures gallery pixel art across the globe. Let’s delve into them.

  • Landscape by Jubilee

Jubilee is arguably one of the most popular pixel artists in the world. This pixel art has been made by combining pixel art with a painterly approach, resulting in a work that not only feels familiar but original too. Inspired by the animation of Studio Ghibli, this piece is filled with magical promise.

  • The Witness by Pixel Jeff

Pixel Jeff is also one of the best pixel artists from Taiwan, with a varied and vibrant portfolio ranging from Disney princesses to cityscapes. The Witness is a pixel art tribute to a very popular Netflix series- Love, Death and Robots.

  • Knights of Sidonia by Johan Aronson

Johan Aronson, who is the director at Mojang game studio, is popularly known for his state-of-the-art 2D pixel art. The eye-catching piece of art pays tribute to Knights of Sidonia, an incredible space opera manga series by Tsutomu.

  • Pixel China Mountains by Matej Jan

Matej started drawing digitally on his ZX Spectrum computer in the early 90s. He now edits a blog dedicated to pixel art known as Retronator.  Jan’s own work ranges from detailed landscapes to images filled with witty pop culture references. His perfect pixel piece is the Pixel China Mountains

  • Pixel Art TV by Gustavo Viselner

Gustavo Viselner is a pixel artist from Israel. His series Pixel Art TV captures pivotal scenes in classic TV shows, accompanied by quotes from the dialogue. The amazing series journeys across a number of genres, from modern shows such as Breaking Bad and Stranger Things and Game of Thrones to old ones such as Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

  • Stars Wars by Gustavo Viselner

Another incredible piece by Gustavo is Star Wars. This piece is one of his numerous tributes to a galaxy. While opinions may be split into some of the prequels and sequels, but if you are a Star War fan, you will agree that this art is incredible.

  • Pixel Dailies by Ben Porter

Ben Porter who is a game developer is crazy about pixel art so much that he launched Pixel Dailies, which is an online club for pixel art. Every day, he would tweet out a theme, and other people would be involved in creating artwork on that topic.

  • Pixel Pour by Kello Goeller

Kello Goeller, who is a Portland-based visual artist, took the concept of the pixel and intelligently worked around it into the real world in her Pixel Pour project.  Kello Goeller is arguably one of the best pixel artists of our time. Her water-flowing pixel was even installed around the city, offering the public a playful visual as well as imaginary context just to bring the two worlds together.

  • Pixel Art Land by Gary Lucken

Gary J Lucken, who is a British enthusiast and artist, gets his pixel art inspiration from Japanese toys, pop culture, and old 2D video games. He even has a blog that is fully packed with his magical and evocative pixel artworks.

  • CGA Faces by Sven Ruthner

Sven Ruthner, a freelance pixel artist who is based in Germany has even received international recognition for his amazing pixel artwork. Sven is well known for using limited color palettes, which is almost the offering of early home computers like the ZX Spectrum. The CGA piece was made using only 16 colors.

  • Science Kombat by Diego Sanches

Of course, this pixel art piece by Diego Sanches is also among the best pixel art across the globe. Diego is a Brazilian based in Sao Paulo. He loves pixel art. He has created a number of animations, for instance, the animation for Science Kombat. This animation features eight playable scientists, including Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein, each one having his own basic and special attacks.

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