Set Up Your Online Payment Gateway and Boost Your Sales & Profits

Payment gateway in USA is used for helping businesses facilitate online payments & transactions and get it approved by the issuer (bank). An online payment gateway is vital in e-commerce and other online businesses as it aids in transferring the information about a transaction taking place between the bank/frontend processor and payment portal.

Why Does Your Business Need a Payment Gateway in USA?

Needless to say, businesses grow and thrive only when there is a huge customer base and customers grow only when there is an element of trust and faith in the business. To earn that trust, you need to ensure that each transaction that your customer makes through your e-commerce website is secure and safe. Among the key benefits of integrating an online payment gateway for your business, some are discussed here:

  •  Secure payments & transactions – payment gateways make use of industry-standard encryption and protect data that is sensitive (both for the consumers and the merchants) from potential frauds.
  • Enhanced customer base – as already discussed above, an online payment gateway helps instill a sense of trust and confidence among customers, which in turn leads to a more loyal and stable customer base. And more customers mean more business and more sales!
  •  Transaction processing gets faster – when you have payment gateway integrated with your e-commerce website, payments and transactions get faster. It saves your (the merchant’s) time as well as the customers’ time.
  •  Added convenience – online shopping is all about convenience and by integrating an online payment gateway to your website, you will further add to the convenience of your shoppers.

Data encryption is the vital security method payment gateways use for protecting the money. Once a shopper enters his card details through the payment gateway, it is encrypted via the payment gateway’s public key. The payment gateway’s private key is, then, used for decrypting this information, which means no one can read it in between and it is 100% safe and secure.

An online payment gateway in USA authorizes payments for merchants in all business categories. The gateways ensure sensitive information (such as credit card number, PIN, etc.) are entered into an e-commerce portal or virtual terminal, are transferred securely from the customer to the merchant, and then from the merchant to the payment processor in an encrypted form.

Traditionally, payment processors/merchant account providers and payment gateways in the USA operated individually. But in the last few years, most processors including Payment USA have started offer all-in-one payment solutions – gateway services and merchant processing services.

Payment USA offers an online payment solution you can rely upon. As a highly preferred and leading credit card processing service provider, Payment USA can help you extend omnichannel capabilities to your customers including merchants, advanced security system that is fully customizable as per merchant’s requirements, and PCI compliant fraud management tools to safeguard business risk. We strive to ensure the safety and security of valuable data and, therefore, we provide a foolproof, secure, and safe network for payment processing.

Online shopping is common these days. The trend of online shopping has reached the suburbs and countryside as well owing to the immense convenience it offers while saving precious time and efforts plus more options to shop and compare. If you are willing to achieve a leading edge in e-commerce industry, the first and most important thing you must do (of course, after setting up your e-commerce portal or while the portal is still being developed) is to ensure safe and secure payments and transactions. And we are with you in this mission. You may streamline online transactions for your e-commerce business with us. Call us to discuss your online payment gateway requirement in the USA.

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