Size is Important When Choosing a Watch

By Carl Avery Dec2,2020

  1. Choose the right size. You need to determine the thickness of the dial. The thickness of many dials are between 6 and 10 millimeters. If you prefer smaller or lighter watches, please consider choosing watches closer to 6 mm thick.
  2. Measure the wrist. Pick up a soft ruler and wrap it around your wrist. This will give you a size so that you can choose the diameter that best suits your wrist. For example, for the wrist:

Less than 5 to 6 inches (12 to 15 centimeters), choose a diameter of 38 mm or less.

Between 6 and 7 inches (15 to 17 centimeters), choose a diameter of 38 to 42 millimeters.

Between 7.5 and 8 inches (19 to 20 centimeters), choose a diameter of 44 to 46 millimeters.

  1. Select the size of the strap. If you choose the right size strap, the watch will be more comfortable. Try on several watches to determine the width of the watchband you want. To get a looser wearing feeling, please choose a thinner wristband that can slide up and down on your wrist.
  2. Select the strap material. In terms of materials, you have many choices. If you want to adjust the size of your watch, please choose a material that is easy to adjust. Fabric or leather belts are the easiest to adjust. You can simply use other holes to fix the watchband. If you choose a metal strap, you need to use tools from jewelers to add or remove hinges when adjusting the watch size.
  3. Please check whether it fits you before buying Watch. After selecting the watch, please try it and ask the watch dealer to make any adjustments. Ask if you can bring home extra links or spare belts so that you can adjust the size of your watch in the future. Many watch dealers will be happy to add holes to the watchband or remove excess hinges from the watchband.

How to adjust the size of the watch?

You should determine whether you need to adjust your watch. People can wear the watch tightly or loosely. You need to determine whether the watch is suitable for your. After wearing the watch, check the wrist to see if there is any mark on the skin. If so, your watch may be too tight. Or, if the watch slides up and down on your arm and affects you, you may need to tighten it.

Remove the hinges to make the strap shorter. If your metal strap has a chain ring, please knead the clasp in your direction. Then you will know how much you need to shorten. Use pointed-nosed pliers and thumbtacks to remove excess links or take the watch to the watch dealer. If you have a fabric or leather belt, you can use other holes in the belt to fix it to the wrist.

Add a hinge to loosen the strap. If your watch fits your wrist well, please add a hinge to the watchband. When purchasing, you need to use the hinge attached to the watch or ask the watch dealer to add a new link for you. You should be careful when you remove the pin from the end of the retaining ring and insert a new hinge.

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