Tips to Get You Started on Aviation Photography

Airplanes have always been a romantic concept because of the amazing feat of flight and the places to which they can take us. No matter how many times we see them, hear them or travel in them, they always make us look up and ponder over this marvellous machine. These factors along with the aesthetic appeal of airplanes often drive people into aviation photography.

Although, aviation is not the most widespread genre of photography, it is a fast growing community. Not only is it one of the most challenging forms but also extremely fun and exciting. One of the added benefits off aviation photography is that it requires minimum gear to click striking images. A digital SLR camera and a tripod stand are enough for capturing these majestic beauties. The opportunities for clicking photos of aircrafts vary to a great extent, depending on where you are located. Having an airport or an aviation museum close by helps in pursuing your interest and developing some fine skills.

As you take your first steps into the world of aviation photography, you will realise that things can get complex from the very beginning. We have gathered some useful tips from veteran aviation photographers that may contribute to your success with aviation photography.

  1. Where to start: photographing around an active airport can get cumbersome and challenging at times, therefore opting for airshows and museums is always a good idea. Try and look for these opportunities in your vicinity or a travel destination that you might be able to visit. Both these places allow you to get close to the aircrafts and experiment with different angles without any interruptions. Not only do you get to click images of on ground aircrafts, you can also try shooting the action in the sky. The only drawback with airshows is that they take place once a year, which keeps you limited to museums for quite a while.
  2. Research: Before you head out with your camera to shoot an aircraft, make sure you do your research and understand the etiquettes involved in this type of photography. Visit aircrafts as often as possible if you are really interested in aviation photography but make sure you familiarise yourself with the three basic rules involved. Carry a photo ID with you at all times, do not trespass or shoot areas that are prohibited and conform to the rules of the airport. You also need to have a knowledge of what spots to shoot from, so as to not waste your day figuring it out at the base.
  3. Focus on the details: When you get the chance, focus on the details of the aircraft. Most often the angles you can shoot from remain limited due to the location. However, whenever possible take advantage of the situation to get close ups that you otherwise would not be able to capture. Parts such as the landing gear, aircraft’s tailor or the engine are great for aesthetically pleasing aviation photography.

Aviation photography is an enjoyable genre of photography that one should give a shot to if aircraft and their functioning is something that garners your interest. However, you might be using advanced camera models such as the Canon 1D X Mark III, but without a basic knowledge of this form of photography, you might be able to get the desired results. Invest your time in research and choose the most suitable gear to work with. You can also buy the preferred DSLR lens online through Canon.

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