Top Secrets of an Unforgettable Erotic Massage

As we know, erotic massages are an ancient practice. They were used centuries ago with the aim of relaxation, health improvement, and even curing some diseases. Experienced masseuses from ancient times knew different special erotic massage techniques. With the help of their magical touch, even the most sophisticated men could get a truly unforgettable pleasure. Although professional masseuses keep most of the nuances of skill secret, we are ready to open some secrets of sensual massages you can enjoy in SweetTouch Paris.

The surrounding

A really professional masseuse is able to create a proper atmosphere even in a modest room without magnificent decoration. Lots of candles, aroma oils, pleasant music – and any room will turn into an abode of passion and pleasure. In fact, the lady can create the proper atmosphere by being in the room only. Masseuses love what they do, and any person can feel it.


Any sensual massage begins with a casual conversation. This is done to find the common language and make a man feel more comfortable. Besides, the masseuse can discuss what a man expects from the massage to understand what techniques are preferable. At the same time, vulgarity is avoided, the lady shows her respect and understanding. The masseuse is concentrated on admiring the man.

Lots of lube

Natural oils are used for almost all erotic massage procedures. For nuru massage, special nuru gel is used. Such oils as patchouli oil, sandalwood, rose oil, jasmine oil help to awaken sensuality. Lavender oil, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang have relaxing effects. Ginger oil can act like the strongest aphrodisiac. Depending on the effect you’d like to get, different massage oils can be used.


The fact that the massage is erotic does not mean that it is like petting. Of course, the most active erogenous zones are caressed, but it’s more like art, not just satisfying physical needs. Such a massage can be started from different body areas, for example, the head and face then hands, feet, gradually finding and “opening” all pleasant areas on the man’s body. In the process of massage, the man may be amazed by the number of erogenous zones that he did not even suspect.


There are no sharp switches, no pauses. Erotic massage is similar to waves, the smooth and tender hands of a masseuse gliding on a man’s skin are like hot chocolate, as the entire body is covered with warmth. The lady then gradually moves from the most “calm” parts of the partner’s body to the most erogenic.


The final stage of any erotic massage is a happy ending. A massage performed by a professional masseuse not only makes men experienced extremely bright orgasms. Other beneficial effects are the following:

  • Improved potency.
  • Increased libido.
  • Plenty of energy.
  • Self-confidence.

This is not the full list of how a good procedure can change your life for the better.

Many varieties of modern procedures are based on ancient practices. Relaxing erotic massages are now a kind of industry accessible to all people. If in Paris, visit SweetTouch erotic massage agency and you will understand why these erotic procedures are so popular and loved by thousands of men.

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