Search Engine Optimisation: They Key to E-Commerce Success

By Carl Avery May22,2020

As you probably know, millions of consumers around the world, connect to the Internet and order products and services, and there is one aspect of digital marketing that optimises websites to improve their ranking within specific online searches. This is known as search engine optimisation (SEO) and every single day, millions of online consumers use search engines like Google to source products and services, and this could really benefit your business if your website is ranked highly with Google and other players.

Identifying Popular Search Terms

In order to best explain, let’s take a roofing contractor in Perth as an example; when the company approaches an SEO specialist, they would identify the most popular search terms that potential clients might use when searching for roofing services, which would include phrases such as:

  • Roofing in Perth
  • Roofing companies in Perth
  • Roof repairs in Perth
  • Established roofing contractors in Perth

Once these search terms have been identified, the SEO provider would insert all of these terms on the client’s website, which will greatly improve their ranking when these search terms are used. The SEO specialist knows the best locations on the website to insert these phrases, plus the number of inserts, as too many will result in Google downgrading the platform, due to ‘keyword stuffing’, as the strategy is known.

Sourcing Local SEO Companies

Ideally, you want to join forces with an outfit that are local to your geographical location, which makes face to face meetings possible, and whether you are looking for SEO in Bangkok, or Dubai, Google will help you to source a leading company that is within your area. Once you have made contact, the SEO company would carry out a thorough online audit of your business, to determine the strength of your online presence, then they would put together an aggressive digital marketing plan, and once that is approved, they can get to work with the implementation.

Ongoing SEO Services

Due to the constant change of the World Wide Web, search engine optimisation needs to be ongoing; you might be on the first page of search results one day and nowhere to be seen a few days later, such is the extremes of change across the board. It might take the SEO expert a while to actually improve your website’s rankings to the point where you are happy, but they will steadily make improvements and maintain that ranking with constant tweaks and additional content.

If you are not using an SEO company to improve your website’s rankings within a search, this is something you simply can’t afford to overlook, so do get in touch with a local SEO company and see what they can do for you.


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