What makes a great website?

By Carl Avery Jun18,2020

It is easy to say this or that website is good or bad, but the process of achieving a good website is not easy. Whey it’s easy to spot a bad website is because the layout is cluttered, the page structure is confusing, low-quality information and so many other aspects that are out of place. So you ask, what makes a great website?

One outstanding thing that makes a website stand out is if it makes users think less. This is achieved through research that helps you understand the user’s needs and articulating them clearly and efficiently.  Continue reading and find out aspects that will show a great website

The purpose must be clear

Before you build that website, it is imperative to understand what your site is going to do. What is it you want to achieve with the website? For instance, you may be building a website to sell products, thus selling is your priority. In every step of web development, you should ask yourself if it’s going to convince the user to buy your products. If your website is meant to sell kids stuff, the outlook, stories, images, colors, and such should tell anyone that you’re dealing with kids’ ware.  With a good strategy, you’ll have the numbers but don’t be tempted to prioritize sponsored content and thus end up relegating quality content, it could hit your numbers badly-stay focused.

Specific audience

Not every online visitor is your customer, you have that unique customer who’d be interested in your offerings and that should be your focus. You must take time to understand who is going to visit your site, who will be reading your blogs, buy products, and such. From your previous customers, you should be able to tell who that person is and build your site toward satisfying them. The age bracket is a factor; the design you’ll do for a ‘teens’ website is not the same for “Millenials”, their priorities and tastes are different and this should be reflected in your web design, content, and even the packaging of your products.

Fluid navigation

Nothing is disappointing as a website where you’ll take ages to move from a page to another. Now that you have established your site’s purpose and the target audience, you need to create a structure that makes it easy for a user to flip through the pages easily. The structure should help reduce the cognitive effort needed to understand the content and move from a page to another- remember, a good website should not require users to think.

The web style

Before you think of a design style for your site, think about the site purpose and the users. Different users have their preferred styles and thus your site should focus on a style that appeals to your audience. Ensure that your clients have a good experience of the web trends on your website while keeping the focus on your objectives. Ensure that your Digital marketing and SEO service avoids styles that are based around skeuomorphism -objects designed to mimic the style of real things. This is not mobile-friendly and will play down your SEO efforts.

In essence, what makes a great website is the user experience. You have to develop the website with your users in mind and ensure you satisfy them. Be clear on what you want, define your audience, and focus on giving solutions.

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