Tips That Will Help You Choose the Best Auto Dealer Software for Your Dealership!

By Carl Avery Oct2,2018

Today, the automobile industry is enjoying some of the best benefits that are coming from high-tech applications relevant to this field. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is striving towards the best.

However, are you upset that you just a car dealership owner who is still using out-dated methods and practices to cope up with your business? Well, don’t worry anymore!

If you are really willing to evolve, the best option for you here is to invest in right and most efficient auto dealership software for your dealership. So, read on to know how to choose one and witness your dealership business achieve new heights!

Important basics on an Auto Dealer CRM

These days, most of the vehicle dealer showrooms encounter one or other issues. Well, to resolve such problems that they mostly face in their sales and services, an Auto Dealer CRM are specifically designed. Most exciting features of it are as follows.

Tracking all finance relevant activities

To manage the inventory of vehicles regardless of whether they are used or unused.

To optimize the overall cost of vehicle repairs.

Produce custom reports.

Top features best CRM Software must have!

So now you know why a right CRM is important for your dealership too, right? Well, let us now explore the key aspects and features that your CRM software should come with.

Make a choice – Cloud Based or On-Premise?

If you have multiple dealerships, then going for cloud-based version can be your best bet. It synchronizes all the data of your dealership into single software. As a result, you can easily keep a track of it. However, when it comes to single dealership, you can go for an on-premise version.

Integration Availability

Now, you require checking if the CRM you are considering can integrate with your current software or application or not. This is quite important since it helps to maintain your database intact along with providing more convenience.

Android and iOS compatibility

Customer satisfaction and convenience are two aspects every kind of business emphasizes on. Today, everyone uses their fingertips for searching or getting anything. So, incorporating an app to ensure quick accessibility is a must for your CRM. It can prove really beneficial for your employees as well.


Today, most of the dealer management software offers OTL (one-time license) as well as payments based on subscription models. In case of single payment, you can easily use OTL plans. In case you are unsure of the duration till when you will be using the software, then you can go with the subscription model.

If you too want your dealership to attain new benchmarks especially in sales numbers, having best dealership CRM is important. What are you waiting for then? Go and grab a right CRM for your dealership now!

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